Loco Tour at PG (Sugar Factory) Semboro Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Sugar Factory Semborp is located 35 km west of Jember city and established in Dutch colonialism by Hendeles Vereniging Amsterdam in 1921 covers 2 103 Hectares spread all over west and south of Jember.

In Japanes occupation, the factory operation was quit for a while as the factory location was used as soda factory to suffice Japanese Government necessity. After Indonesia gained independence, until 1949 Sembrono factory was used as ammunition factory to supply Indonesia struggle in fighting against Dutch that tried to come back in Indonesia. Since 1950, sugar cane processing was activated until 1957, when nationalization program started. In 1978 raised its capacity of process from 24.000 quintals per day to 54.000 per day with carbonation process into sulfur process with local sugar people canes beside factory’s  that covered 10.500 Hectares.

Foreign visitors visit this factory for nostalgia tour riding steam locomotive along 45 km in 2 hours to enjoy nice scenery and dancing.