St Mary from Mt Carmel Church, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Gereja Maria dari Karmel or St Mary from Mt Carmel Church is located at Jalan Guntur No 2 Malang. This church was built on 28 October 1934, a cathedral with Dutch typical. The exterior and interior and ornaments are very interesting to look at. This church was renovated in July 27th 2002. The initial name of this church is Santa Tereshia and later named with Santa Maria Bunda Carmel in 1961. This cathedral is one of the most beautiful cathedral in Indonesia.

The only hotel before this hotel built was Hati Kudus Yesus Church located at Kayutangan built in 1905. As there were many Christians and one church was not sufficient, later Msgr Clemens van der Pas O Carm built a Javanese Catholic church at Jalan Semeru in 1929 now called  Kalam Kudus Christian Church. The cathedral designed by L Estourgie and built by NV Bouwundig Buerar Siten en Louzada, and officially construction started on 11 February 1934 and on 28 OCtober 1934 officially opened and dedicated to Santa Theresia.

In Cathedral St Theresia Parich region, later built an elementary school of Dutch language (HIS) at Jalan Semeru, Ongko Loro School  (Indandsche School ze Klasse) in Beterk in 1930, kindergarten (Frobeschool) and St Ursula elementary school at Jalan Panderman and in 1936 built high school (AMSAlgemene Middleboar School) St Albertus (Dempo) at Jalan Talang.

In Clash 1 1947, few students of ST Albertus with TRIP (Student Military of R I) fought against Dutch and for their courage, a heroic monument built in front of this church.