Hamid Roesdi Monument, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

This monument is located at Jalan Simpang Balapan, Ijen Boulevard, Malang East Java, Indonesia. The establishment of the monument is the idea of TNI Kobem 083 Baladhika Jaya to honor Mayor Hamid Roesdi for his struggle for Indonesia independence day. The monument was oficially opened on November 10th 1974.

In the biginning this monument was situated at crossroad of Jalan Semeru and Jalan Arjuna, but then the monument moved to Sena Putra Recreation Park, and the former location was put with Adipura Cup. The recent location is at Ijen Boulevard.

Hamid Roesdi was remembered as a military member that was consistent during Dutch colonialisation, Japanese Occupation and Independence period. He was born  in 1911 at Sumbermanjing village, Pagak, Souther of Malang. In Dutch colonial period, he was active in scout activity and a member of ‘Pandu Ansor’ as he was also a religion teacher and staff of NU party. Several years later he worked in Malang as driver for Malang Besar prison (Lowok Waru). On 8 March 1942 Japan entered Malang and started to make Heiho, Seinedan and Djibakutai and also did physical pressure to people.

Seeing the situation, Hamid Roesdi resigned from his job and infiltrate to PETA in 1943 that was formed in sugestion of Gatot Mangkupraja that was assigned in Malang with rank of Sudanco (Lieutenant I). Beside military rehearsal, he was also busy preparing paramilitary to fight against Japanese. Evening on September 3 1945, Surabaya residence was announced to be part of Republic Indonesia, Hamid Roesdi seized Japanese weapons in Malang.  In 1946 he was mayor in Division VII Suropati  and resided in Jalan Semeru (currently used as Bank Permata)

As he did well in seizing Japanese weapons, he was promoted as commancer of Battalion I Regimen Infantry 38 West Java and succeed in battle there. He returned from West Java and promoted as Lieutenant Colonel to Commander of Malang Defense based in Pandaan, Pasuruan.

In clash I 1947, he defended Malang city from Dutch. Before Dutch entering Pandaan he rode jeep and order people to burn Dutch buildings. When Malang could not be defended anymore, he made defense in Bululawang and planning strategy to regain Malang. Midnight March 8 1949 the battle was in crisis, Hamid Roesli said goodbye to his wife, Siti Fatimah. They did not have any children as Hamid Roesdi was always living in hideout. And he never returned forever.