Ranu Pane and Ranu Regulo : Lakes on Semeru Slope, East Java, Indonesia

Ranu Pane covers 1 hectares and Ranu regule covers (0.75 hectares) are two lakes located at Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. To reach both lakes, there are two routes, Lumajang route via Senduro (50 km) and Malang Route via Tumpang (53 km). Both lakes located on 2200 meters asl and with nice scenery.

From here visitors can see panorama of Gunung Semeru with is smoke, seeing the lake beauty and animals especially grouse, and witnessing local people custom. Ranu Pani village is the closest village to Ranu Pane lake where there are numerous food stalls for climbing logistic. In Ranu Pane, there are locals that offer porters service to climb Mahameru. Facilities in Ranu pane and Regulo are climbers shelter, post, information office, Researcher Lodge, Toilet and Camping Ground. Visitors visit the lakes for main attraction, but climbers use the place for transit area.