Lori (Train) Tour, Jember, East Java, Indonesia

Train tour is available at Garahan, at Banyuwangi to enjoy nice scenery of Gunung Gumitir. Gunung Gumitir is overgrown with  coffee, cocoa and pine. The route is from Kalibaru Station to Garahan Station passing Mrawan Station.

The train trip from Garahan Station to Kalibaru station is very safe, comfy and fun. And visitors can see the 90 meters old tunnels in Garahan that was finish built in 1902 and Mrawan tunnel 980 meters that was finish in 1910. Both tunnels were remains of Dutch colonial and Mrawan tunnel is the longest train tunnel in Indonesia.

In this trip visitors can also enjoy Gumitis Plantation with its cocoa and coffee commodities, beside pines that can be employed as paint material. The landscape enroute is very in teresting, passing turning and steep bridges. From Kalibaru to Garahan Station, there are 11 steep bridges . One of the longest bridges is 178 meters and 63 meters depth. All bridges were designed by Dutch architect.

In Garahan Station, yesteryear and humble tools, such as: Telegraph, to send and receive long distance message,   telephone, Morse to send and receive news inter stations, bell that is sounded when train is arriving. An there is a bell to sign train, danger, shift over :
-Alert 55AI : When train will pass downstream. One time series of bell sounds.
-Alert 55AII : When train will pass to backwoods. Two times series of bell sounds.
-Alert 55B : Deletion Alert . 4 times bell sounds
-Alert 55C: Danger Alert. 8 Times bell sounds.
-55D: Shift over. 3 times bell sounds.
-Trial : 5 times bell sounds.

As most of local people are working on coffee plantation, visitors can see coffee drying. Along the rail, coffee is dried in front of houses. The drying process is done traditionally under sun heat.