Rujak Cingur, Surabaya Special Food

Rujak Cingur is one of Surabaya special food. It is made of sliced cow’s nose (cingur in Surabaya language), peanut sauce with shrimp pasta, tempe (fermented soyabean) pineaple, cucumber, young mango, young banana fruit (gedhang kluthuk), vegetables and lontong (steamed rice in bababa leaf).

Traditionally, the peanut, petis, banana, chilly, coconut sugar, and salt mixed on pestle, after that then the ingredient such as tempe, the cingur, fruit and vegetables. But in restaurant, rujak cingur is presented with ingredient and sauce separated.

People from outside Surabaya may think that the food can be hard for them. But one never knows until trying. The crunchy and soft nose mix well with the sauce.

Every year Surabaya holds Rujak Cingur Event on its anniversary.