Golf Courses in Surabaya

Ciputra Golf
Ciputra Golf & Family club was built in 1995, situated in Surabaya. This is the biggest course in East Java with 27 holes, consists of 3 different design of Valley Course, Lake Course, and Hill Course that will give you an unforgettable play sensation. This Golf course opens 7 days a week, and available night golf which can give more time to play.

Bukit Darmo Golf
Located only 10 minutes from Surabaya downtown, this golf course is one of the most challenging golf courses in Asia designed by Jack Nicklaus.  Bukit Darmo Golf also relies on aquatic driving range facility to attract golfers. Giving a highlight with lake view, the ball that is hit flies not far from field and it jumps to the lake, not sinking but floating. Currently, aquatic driving range facility consists of four artificial lakes.

Pakuwon Golf
Located on the western part of Surabaya, it only 30 minutes from the city heart. This golf course is unique compared to others. The design is USGA (United State Golf Association) standard and it is such a challenge for golfers. For convenient play, the course us equipped with 9 hole-3 par golf sourse, 21 bay driving range, Proshop, restaurant, aromatic spa, heb, etc.

Graha Family Golf
Relying on family service oriented, Graha family is also a unique golf course. It covers 89 hectares and 6 handicap lakes. The course has 18 holes-72 par, tropical pool, restaurant, 28 bay driving range, gym& Spa, etc.

Yanni Golf
Yanni Golf is the second oldest golf course in Indonesia, located in Surabaya downtown. IT has fairway track with three free barrier domination which is more than 100 years old, covering 60 hectares and having 18 holes.  This course was designed in European style, by Prof Erich Kremmer. The course design was renovated in 1970 featuring flora and fauna. The course is also the site of Raden Aryo Pekik grave, former Surabaya city mayor. And also the tomb of East Indies Governor of Surabaya, Frederic Yacob Rothen Bohler who was died in 1836.

Brawijaya Golf
This golf covers four hectares at Kodam Brawijaya Complex. It has 64 bays on 1 hectares area. This course has facilities of reflection, restaurant and Proshop that sells golf equipment and Pro rental , golf coach for beginners. Brawijaya Golf has Indonesian standard.