Telaga (lake) Sarangan , Magetan, East Java, Indonesia

Telaga Sarangan is located nearby border of East Java, Indonesia, administratively located in Magetan, East Java, Indonesia. From Surabaya, you can just take this route Surabaya-Mojokerto -Jombang-Kertosono-Nganjuk-Madiun/Ngawi-Magetan-Sarangan. The lake is located on 1000 m asl, 30 hectares and 28 meters depth. As the location is on the slope of Mt Lawu, it has nice scenery and cold weather.

There is a lgend about Telaga Sarangan. Once upon a time there were husband and wife, Kyao Pasir and Nyai pasir. The both lived in a small wooden house with leaves roof. Their daily activity was farming on slope of Mt Lawu. One day Kyai Pasir went to work and cut nig trees in his land one by one. Under a tree he found an egg, he bougt it home. Kyai Pasir and Nyai Pasir decided to cook the egg for breakfast. After having breakfast with the egg, Kyai Pasir went to farm but suddenly he felt hot and itchy. He rolled to the ground and he turned to be a big dragon snake. Nyai Pasir at home felt the same and she went to farm to meet her husband and she turned to be a snake dragon too. As the heat and itch they felt, the kept rolling on the farm land and created a huge cavity. And followed by water that flows from the land and the basin turned to be a lake (telaga), and the both dragon were sunk. To honor them both, local people call the lake as Telaga Pasir, but local people know this lake as Telaga sarangan as it is located in Sarangan, Plaosan, Magetan.

In dry season, the bottom that contains of pasir (sand) is visible for visitors. Annually local people hold Labuh Sesaji, a thanks giving ceremony on the lake.