Museum Affandi, The Maestro Works and Humbleness, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This museum is located on the west of Gajanh Wong river, at Jalan Solo, formerly the residential of Affandi, Indonesia maestro. The complex covers 3500 sqm and the museum shows the low profile of the maestro. The roof of the gallery resembles banana leaf that was designed by the maestro himself. The construction was done gradually, THere are 3 exhibitions rooms, a residential, and family room with cow-cart design that was made for his wife request, Maryati, after she was sick and could not step stairs to the main house. Initially, Maryati wanted a caravan, but Affandi realized her wish with cow-cart.

Gallery I was built in 1962 covers 314,6 sqm and officially opened by Director General of Culture, Prof Ida Bagus Mantra in 1974. The gallery displays Affandi’s works from his early career till his last days of scetches,  watercolor, and oil on canvas.His favorite car was Colt Gallant made in 1976, that is also displayed here. This car is modified in shape of fish. There are medals and awards from Indonesia or abroad such as Doctor Honoris Causa from National University of Singapore in 1974. Stampls collections of the maestro is displayed here as well.

Inside Gallery II, that was finished in 1988 and officially opened by MInister of Education and Culture Prof Dr Fuad Hassan, there are painting works of Kartika that are for sale and exhibited. In this gallery, you will find out why Affandi apply paint from its tube directly, without pallet to blend color. On skectch ‘Ganbar Sendiri’, the maestro wrote ‘I apply tube paint on canvas, and  then swept with hand or pencil. I found this method and i use this method to ease and fasten the work. Not because it is fast, but for the flowing of emotion uninterrupted. If i use pallet,  then mix colors on it, that interrupts expression flow, and gave chance for brain to think’ (free translation)

Gallery III displays works of Kartika, and Rukmini, the daughters of the maestro, and needlework of his wife, Maryati. The gallery was finished construction in 1997 and officially opened by Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X. This gallery has 3 floors where the lowest floor is used to store collections, the first floor for exhibition room and the second floor for treatment room.

Affandi and his wife’s tomb are located on the complex. Affandi died in May 23rd 1990 and chose a space between Gallery I and Gallery II as his resting place, surrounded by his works.

The comples shows the humble of the maestro. He wears sarong and white undershirt that sometimes was holey here and there and smoked with his favorite pipe.  Sometimes with his humble outfit he walked to see small food stall sellers on street, and people did not consider that actually he was a world class painter. His paintings were ever sold on Christie’s and Sotheby’s  Auction.