Kwan Sing Bio, The Crab Monastery, The Biggest Chinese Temple / Monastery in South East Asia, Tuban, East Java, Indonesia

This temple is one of most visited temple is East Java. Not only Surabaya or Semarang people, but also Singaporean, Chinese and Malaysian visit this temple. This is the only temple in Indonesia that faces ocean.  It said that it was built so to show that this temple is strong and that people praying in this temple will get whatever they pray for. No wonder if people flock to this temple. And this temple is known as the biggest temple in south east asia and it is unique as it use crab decoration for its entrance, unlikt other temples that usually use dragon figure.

Kwan SIng Bio Temple is located in Tuban, and visited by Chinese for its sacred image. The temple was built on coast area for emergency and coincidence reason. According to its history, there was a temple in Tambakboyo, 30 Km west of Tuban city. One day, the temple officials moved Kwan Kong statue to Surabaya by ocean route. On Tuban area, the ship was sunk for hitting rock and other effort to draw the ship did not work. And it created an idea to establish a temple on littoral area.

The temple then built and kept evolving especially on the rear part. The architecture of Chinese can be seen the temple building. And the temple undertakes Chinese new year celebration, not only with barongsai but also Chinese Puppet Show, fireworks, kung fu and other performances.

For visitors, the temple provide free of charge lodging, meals for huge amount visitors.