Gua (Cave) Selomangleng: Endanger Historical Cave, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

Selomangleng Cave is located in Sanggrahan Kidul village, Sanggrahan, Boyolangu, on steep slope of Jurang Sanggrahan. The temple complex is side by side to farm land, and divided into lower section and steep section. The the first mention section, there are two caves and on the later mantiones there is a temple.

Those three buildings were constructed on a gigantic rock. The first cave is located on a relatively flat surface, the result of the dredging of the monolith in the shape of 2 rectangles as the cave mouths.The first cave is decorated with relief and the other one is plain. The area of the monolith covers 26,5 m x 26 m. The cave chamber covers 360 cm x 175 cm, and 380 depth. The cave entrance faces west. Relief is engraved on the east and north wall panel. The decoration depicts Arjuna Wiwaha tale, when Indra orders his angels to seduce Arjuna that is meditating on Mount Indrakila. The angel goes down from heaven to earth.

The second cave is located on the southward of the first cave, and at the same monolith, only the position is higher. This cave faces south and it is plain, the size is 360 cm x 200 cm. Few meters on the ast of this cave, there is a higher monolith with foot engraving and square temple base of 490 cm x 475 cm. The base wall is decorated with Greek bar with square frame.

There is no written source to know more about this historical site. The relief on this site resemples to tat of Jalatunda Temple, a bathing place located at Trawas. AJ Barnet Kempers stated that the site was constructed and used in the end of 10th century. According to the carve-work, and the way the characters hairs depicted, Satyawati Suleiman stated that the cave was from the early period of Majapahit.

In Tulungagung, relief was carved on Arjunawiwaha tale, especially the episode of the angel seduction to Arjuna who is meditating.This reflects the close relationship with Kediri Kingdom. This relief to remind any meditation ritual they hold and the hope that the power of the tale will be reality.

Local legend said that the cave was the place of Dewi Kilisuci, King Airlangga’s Daughter from Kahuripan Kingdom. She was never menstruate, and she spent her days worshipping God until she moksa (disappears)

Di dalam goa yang memiliki tiga ruang utama dan dua ruang tambahan inilah Dewi Kilisuci yang dikenal sebagai perempuan kedi (tidak menstruasi), menghabiskan hari-harinya dengan memuja Sang Pencipta hingga ia muksa (hilang ditelan bumi).

The cave name, selomangleng derives from Javanese,  selo means stone or rock and mangleng means projecting or protruding.

The cave has small rock bedroom, on the left side there is a dark room and on the right side as well. And there is a hole that connects to other hole on the right side. There is relief on the cave about Dewi Kilisuci when she was proposed by Kelono Siwandono from Bantar Angin Kingdom.  There is also relief about Patih Buto Lohcoyo when he was patiently accompany Dewi Kilisuci. This Patih was pictured to have big body. Actually there are other reliefs but the tales have not been revealed as the reliefs are not clear and have been covered by incense smoke. If the incense smoke proceeded to cover the relief, soon the whole relief will be black and plain. The Cave is used by local people to start ritual or traditional performance until today.