Totok Kerot, Dwarapala Statue, East Java, Indonesia

At a glance, Totok Kerot statue looks like Dwarapala statue in Singosari. Only this statue is more damaged as few parts are missing especially the left arm. The statue doesnt carry club as Dwarapala, or maybe the Club part is missing, there is no explanation about this yet.

This statue is an inscription in King Sri Aji Lodaya period, from Pamenang Kingdom. It said that there was a princess came to Pamenang Kingdom, and this princes was from Blitar. She came to marry Joyoboyo, that was popular for his power. And unfortunately, Joyoboyo rejected her. They both then fought, but the princes could be defeated by Joyoboyo and she was cursed to be Dwarapala, or Totok Kerot.

When discovered, the statue was buried under the ground in 1981. There was a local legend about this statue. The Totok Kerot statue was moved to Kediri Alun-alun (city square), but seemed that the statue did not like this new place. Midnight, there were 7 cows and 2 elephants on the square, and they pulled Totok Kerot statue to Bulu Pasar, the original location of the statue. As the statue was so heavy, they only moved the statue several meters only and they were died.  In the morning, Totok Kerot found few meters from his location and the animals laid around it, and the statue was moved to its original location.