Goa (Cave) Istana Maharani, Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia

Istana Maharani cave is located 200 meters from Java Sea, in the complex of Tanjung Kodok or Wisata Bahari Lamongan. The location is a resting area for Walisongo pilgrimage tour. On the east of Maharani Cave, approximately 1.5 km, there is tomb of Sunan Sendang Duwur that is located at Gunung Amitunon, the cremation in Majapahit and Singosari Kingdom period.

The cave is 2500 sqm, and it takes less than half an hour to explore the cave by following stairs passage made of concrete. The lamps light the stalactite and stalagmites that have unique shapes, of throne, animals or flora. There are numerous name of those natural shape cluster.

Gos Istana Maharani was discovered accidentally by a stone labour, Sugeng, on August 6th 1992.  His handspike hit a wall where there is a big tunnel inside. People suggested names for this cave, and local government agreed Goa Istana Maharani as the name of the cave. This name was came out after a women dreamed about a beautiful woman with colorful dress and crown made of gold and diamond, with rose and dahlia motives. And when the woman woke up, there was a subtle whisper that the name of the queen in her dream was Maharani.