Ranu Grati Lake, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

Ranu Grati is a lake located in Pasuruan regency, administratively situated in 3 villages; Sumberdawesari, Ranuklindungan, and Gratitunon village. The total inhabitant in the villages are approximately 19.000 people. The lake is not far from the northern coast road. Local people employ the lake for fishery, where people set karamba to catch fish.

There is a story about the lake. Long time ago there was a Dutch commander with his troop with amphibian vehicle padding the lake. The caretaker of the lake warned them to call off the lake passing, as there was hole like an upside down cone down the lake, that whoever pass that would never return. The commander didn’t listen to the caretaker. He and his troop were never return, lost in the lake.

In 2000s, Pasuruan regency started to introduce Ranu Grati for tourism by undertaking water sport event contest for Java and bali. The lake can be reached 30 minutes from Pasuruan citygo and Probolin and 90 minutes from Gunung Bromo.