Calendar Event Surabaya November 2011

Heroic Music Performance: This event aimed to commemorate the heroic of Indonesian People especially the Surabaya youngsters to regain Independence day.

Symphony for the Nation:This event will make us remember of the struggle arek Surabaya to fight agains Sallies and the Dutch in November 1945. Heroism is in the air.

Surabaya Juang This event consists of few activities such as : Art Performances 100 Statues of Heroes, Theater Festival, Surabaya Jeep Carnival and short films festival.

Surabaya Traditional Food Festival East Java is rich of delicacies. The participants will be challenged to present interesting menus typical of East Java, such as salad cingur, tofu mixed, and many more.

Ciputra Golf Tournament Tournament golf, where not only local but also international golfers.

Surabaya 10 K: International Marathon race held by Govt of East Java province.

Bull Race