Sendang Biru Beach, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Sendang Biru Beach is one of the southern coast of Malang that is free from tumulus wave of Hindian Ocean, and why is that? It is because of the existence of Pulau Sempu that is located only 3000 meters from the beach. Sendang Biru is used as fishery port and debarkation of Fish Auction where fishermen sell the fish catches to Fishery Service and managed by KUD (Village Unit Cooperation ) ‘Mina Jaya pondok Dadap’. Officially, the beach is managed by Government that provides lodges, guesthouse, food stalls, boats, etc.If you want to visit the beach by public transportation, just take ‘Mikrolet’ route Gadang-Turen-Sendang Biru. Sendang Biru is 70 KM south of Malang, located at Tambak Rejo Village, Sumber Manjing Wetan, Malang. Sendang Biru has sandy beach, nice swells, and colorful boats.