Pantai (Beach) Balekambang, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Balekambang Beach is located 60 meters from Malang city and it takes 2 hours. The road to the location are not completely in good condition, but on the way there are teak trees, sugar cane farms that make the trip not boring. The road is up and down, unlike road to other beach. Balekambang, asministratively located in Srigonco, Bantur , Malang, East Java.

Balekambang has white sands stretch along the coast edge of the southern sea, waves are rolling creating white color contrast to the background that is greenish blue. Beside the white sand, other interesting thing to see is rocky island standing not far from the Balekambang coast. A bridge connect the island to the mainland, not that long, round 100 meters. There are 3 island located on the westward, both can be reached by visitors as they are connected to bridge to mainland, Java. Those 3 islands are Ismoyo , Wisanggeni and Anoman Island, The later mentioned is the one that is not accessible for the absent of bridge.The temple on Ismoyo Island was officially opened in October 17th 1985, it is named as Pura Luhur Amerta Jati.