Ngliyep Beach, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Ngliyep Beach stretched on the periphery of Hindian Ocean, niotably at Kedungsalam Village, Donomulyo, 62 meters from Malang City. The beach can be reached via Kepanjen, Sumbermanjing Kulon or via karangkates, and Dunomulyo. Ngliyep beach is a mixture of steep cliff, forrest and overlay of white sands and waves. As other beaches on the southern of Java, visitors may not swim here. But there are many activities can be done here such as building sand castle, relaxing, enjoying the sunset, and overseeing Gunung Kombang, a small mountain located a bit further to the sea. On the certain month, Maulud (Moslem calendar), Ngliyep beach is undertaken labuhan Ceremony Ritual, every 14 Maulud, by sacrificing heads of livestock (cow or goat) to the sea by local people.