Klayar Beach, Where Natural Phenomenon Fountain Sprays Amazingly, Pacitan, East Java, Indonesia

Klayar Beach is one of beaches located at Pacitan, East Java, notably at Donorejo sub District. This beach is considered as still very pristine as there are not many visitors visiting. Klayar has white sand that spans, and the sand is very small and smooth to look and to step on. The beach landscape is dominated by geological scenery of beach morphology influenced by geological structure and the active lifting phenomenon of the southern sea. The lifting phenomenon is showed by the exposure of beach rock sediment that is covered by sea weed.

On the west there is a hill where visitor can climb to its top, then overlooking to the sea or other landscape in the vicinity of Klayar beach. On the east, visitors can climb to the cliff where there is a fountain from rock hole that is struck by swell of the southern sea. The blow pipe effect yields more than 10 meters fountain followed by a screech sound. The outburst of the water resemblances geyser. This phenomenon happened periodically. The sea water and air was under pressure and trapped in channel along the rock crack by swell. Abrasion scrapes the rock and created various  of shapes.

Klayar beach is sure not beach for swimmers, but for nature lovers as it offers nice scenery and ambiance. Photography lovers surely will enjoy this beach. The natural fountain has forever young virtue, local people believe it.

Klayar is 110 km from Yogyakarta, via Wonosari-pathuk-Wonosari-Pracimantoro, Giritontro that takes 3 hours trip. As the route is not passed by public transportation, visitors should use private coach to get here.