Jonggring Saloko Beach, Malang, East Java, Indonesia

Jonggring Saloko beach is located 69 meters from Malang city. This beach has big swell of waves. In Wayang Tale, Jonggring Saloko was name of paradise or nirvana where Batara Narada resides.  Here located a cave, Gebros Cave that was created by constant abrasion process. The hard sea water that strucks the rock create a hole on the cliff base. The cave has long tunnel that filled  ends at small mountain-like ground, as the cave base is as high as sea level, that the cave is with sea water. The main attractions in this beach are Menjangan Bay, Mt pacar and Kondang Towo.

To reach the beach, one should pass 10 km from Donomulyo, notably at Gondangtowo, Mentaraman.  The road can be slippery and rocky that visitors should be careful. The road is covered by limestone. The surrounding is pristine with trees and singing birds. Jonggring Saloko beach is a very beautiful beach, and its uniqueness is Broos, part of the beach where the swells struck rocks that yield sound like ‘Broos’ and water can fall from 10 meters above the sea level.