Ndalem Kaneman, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Dalem is a term for prince house. This house was built in 1855, in the period of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono V and used first by KRT Suronegoro until he died in 1911. This house is now named as Ndalem Kaneman, as the current owner of the house, GKR Anom Adi Brata, the first daughter of Sri Sultan Hamengku Buwono IX and KRAy Pintokopurnomo. Beside utilized as residence, this house also used to accommodate various of activities such as dancing course managed by Among Baksa institution, and often used to entertain foreign visitors with Javanese dancing.

The house faces south, having a spacious pendopo with gamelan. Partly pendopo is separated by partition for dancers room. Like other traditional Javanese house, this house also has peringgitan room, utilized to perform wayang kulit (shadow puppet show). Peringgitan derives from ringgit means puppet. The main house is connected to peringgitan. The main house has three rooms, Senthong Kiwa (Left Room), Senthong Tengen (Right Room) and Senthong Tengah (Middle Room). On the east of Senthong Tengah there is a room that is used as family museum that displays family items, including family photographs

nDalem Kaneman complex is where the inherit of abdi dalem magersari (with privilege to live in the complex). Magersari dwellers are associated in two Rukun Tetangga.