Goa (Cave) Selarong: Where Pangeran (Prince) Diponegoro Set Geurilla Strategy Against Dutch, Bantul, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

This cave is located at Guwosari Village, Kecamatan Pajangan, Bantul INDONESIA. The cave is the witness of Prince Diponegoro struggle and his men, as it was used as the base camp for guerilla fight against Dutch. In this cave area, Prince Diponegoro set strategy and tactics, and discussion with his men to assault Dutch. During camp in Selarogn Cave, Prince Diponegoro had assault Dutch 3 times, on July 25th, October 3rd, and October 4th 1825. That war between Prince Diponegoro and Dutch is known as Java War, from 1825-1830.

Pangeran Diponegoro (1785 – 1855) is the son of Sultan Hamengkubowono III (1769-1814). He didn’t have intention to be a Sultan, and chose to live as common people, at Tegal Rejo village. As he was surrounded by Dutch on July 20th 1825 at Tegal Rejo village, the prince and his followers then flee to Selarong Cave.

There are two other smaller caves on the complex, Putri Cave and Kakung Cave. Putri means woman, this cave was the cave for Pangeran Diponegoro’s wife Raden Ayu Ratnaningsih. Kakung means man, Kakung Cave was the resting place for the prince. Both caves’ height and depth round 1,5 meters. Putri Cave is longer tha Kakung Cave, 3 meters. Kakung Cave only 2 meters long. From in front of the cave, visitors can enjoy a nice landscape from tower shelter to see waterfall.

Beside temple, visitors can visit Sendang manic Maya, a spring. To reach the spring, one should pass a small bridge over dry river and pass a passage for 100 meters. The spring is believed to be eternal spring and the water source for Prince Diponegoro and his followers for bathe and ablution. Not far from this spring, located another spring called Sendang Umbul Maya, believed to be used by the prince and his followers to cook and washing up.

Selarong Cave is also famous as religious site. Pilgrims visit here for meditation ritual. Other than that, the cave also has been a cultural tourist spot as annually, on July, there is a festive called Drebeg Gua Selarong to commemorate the moving in of Prince Diponegoro to Gua Selarong that was taken as the anniversary of Bantul Regency.