Puro Pakualaman, Palace of Yogyakarta Adipati (Prime Minister), Indonesia

Puro Pakualaman is a historical building and inherent to the erection of Kasultanan Yogyakarta Hadiningrat.Puro Pakualaman is a adipati palace where Paku Alam generation dwell. This palace was built in the 19th century, located at Jalan Sultan Agung, 2 km east of Sultan palace. According to the function as Adipati palace, Puro Pakualaman was where Adipati Keraton Yogyakarta, entitles as Paku Alam, resided.Adipati is official position same as prime minister.

When entering the palace fence, visitors should pass a square that currently is occupied with footstalls. This square was part of the palace signed by an old banyan tree on one of its side. After than visitor will enter a Wiworo Kusumo gate where from there visitors can see a joglo building. The front part of the Joglo building is called as Wiwiro Kusumo Winayang Reko means security, justice, freedom and used to welcome guests in non-formal atmosphere. Pendopo Bangsal Utomo Sewotomo, located in the middle of Joglo building with 4 teak engraved pillars.

One of the corner of pendopo is equipped with gamelan Kyai Kebogiro. This gamelan is played every Minggu Pon (Javanese Calendar) one in 35 days. On the other part of Pendopo , there is a room called China Room, as this is where antiquities from China kept. The last room at Pendopo is Srikaya room, the working room of Adipati.

Behind the pendopo, stands Dalem Ageng Proboyekso. Dalem is term that refers to main room of the palace. This building is separated into few rooms , namely library, wardrobe room on the left, bedroom on the right, gandok wetan, gandok kulon. Gandok wetan and Gandok Kulon are where the sultan family lived. Sewonggo is a room on the back of Dalem Ageng Proboyekso, used as waiting room and meeting room for adipati and his family. Further behind, there is a recreation room for adipati family made of glass, called as Maerakaca room. At the backyard of the palace, there is a building for knights established to guard the back fortress that had two gates. Other interesting place to enjoy in Puro Pakualaman is Dalem Ageng Prabayeksa where there are 3 exhibition rooms. The first room exhibits the pedigree of Paku Alam, photos, treaty documents, palace symbols,and books. The second room displays various of old weapons, while the last room exhibits horse carriage, Kyai Manik Kumolo and Kyai Roro Kumenyar.
Mosque of Pakualaman was built in the 19th century, erected by Paku Alam II. Visitors can read books at pavilion Purworetno, the library of the palace. This library has many classics Javanese books collections written by Paku Alam III ‘Serat Dharma Wirayat’
Puro Pakualaman Complex opens every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday from 09.30 to 13.00.