Plengkung (Gates) of Sultan Palace, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Plengkung is gate in Javanese. According to history, Sultan palace had five gates on its fortress;

  1. 1. Plengkung Tarunosuro is locted on the east of north alun-alun and now is known as Plengkung Wijilan as it is located at Wijilan region.
  2. Plengkung Madyasura is located on the ast of Sultan palace. This plengkung is closed on 23 June 1812, and later this gate is called as Plengkung Buntet (closed). Then Sultan Hamengkubuwono VIII reigned the gate was rebuilt with common gate.
  3. Plengkung Nirbaya is located next to the south alun-alun and now known as plengkung Gading. Plengkung Nirbaya is the south-end of the palace. From here Sri Sultan HB I entered the palace when he and his family moved from Kedhaton Ambar Ketawang. This gate traditionally is used as exit route of long procession of Sultan funerary to Imogiri Cemetery. For this reason this gate was used only by incumbent Sultan.
  4. Plengkung Jaganaya is located on the west, and known as Plengkung Taman Sari as the location is nearby Taman Sari.
  5. Plengklung Jagasura  is located on the north  and known as Plengkung gerjen.