Gudeg, Tasty Jackfruit Menu from Jogja, Indonesia

People will answer spontaneously the specific food of Yogyakarta is gudeg. Gudeg can be found on every corner of Jogja, and Jalan Wijilan is the center of gudeg in Yogyakarta.

In Wijilan there are many gudeg stalls with various prices and tastes. Other than  Gudeg, Jalan Wijilan also provides special food or snacks from Yogyakarta.

Gudeg in Wijilan is interesting as gudeg stalls make good presentation of gudeg using earthen wares container that makes visitors interested, the earthenware also makes the taste of gudeg more delicious and unique.

Gudeg is made of young jackfruit that is boiled with spices, coconut milk, and the container to boil is based with young teak tree leafs. To make the taste more delicious, and perfect gudeg color, jackfruit is boiled for one night. The teak leaves will make the gudeg color more interesting. The sauce is made of young coconut spiced with spices and turmeric. The sauce is poured one or two spoons only, on a ready to eat gudeg with fried shallot. Gudeg taste is sweet, and is eaten when the rice when it is warm with boiled egg, chicken, tofu, tempe, and kerupuk. For drink, various kind of drinks are suitable such as hot tea, hot orange, iced tea, iced orange squash, or mineral water.