Alun-Alun Selatan (South Square), Yogyakarta,Indonesia

Alun-alun Selatan is the south square of Sultan Palace. This square is also named as Pengkeran. Penkeran derives from pengker a refine word (krama) of mburi means rear or behind. It is named so as the location of the square is behind the palace. This square is encircled by square wall with 5 gates, one at the south , 2 at the east and 2 at the west. Between the gates at the western wall there is ngGajahan, a cage for Sultan’s elephant. Around the square is overgrown with mango tree, mangifera sp, and kweni (Mangivera odoranta). And two pairs of banyan trees; one pair in the middle called as Supit Urang (shrimp claws), and one pair on the left and right side of gate that is called as wok, derives from brewok (beard). From the south gate there is a passage called as Gading that connects to Plengkung Nirbaya.

This square was used as the place for palace knights preparing garebeg. And it was utilized as the place for abdi dalem to meet Sultan on 23,25,27 and 29 of ramadhan (fasting month). Since period of Sri Sultan HB VIII, the later mentioned utilization was stopped. There is popular game takes place at this alun-alun called masangin. Masangin is a game of entering between the banyan trees in the middle of the square with eyes blindfolded. It seems simple, but mostly they fail as they always turn to other directions somehow.