Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang), East Java, Indonesia

Surabaya Zoo, which is the largest in South East Asia, definitely offers a real fressness in the middle of hotSurabayacity with its hectic and chaotic activities.

The true shades in the zoo prptect visitors from the sun heat while the voice of the animals stimulate inspiration to visitors.

Historically, it was esthablised under the decision letter of duct Governor General dated 31 August 1916, number 40, named Soerabaiasche Planten-En Dierentuin (SurabayaBotanikalGardenand Zoo) and the Contribution a journalist and animal collector named H.F.K Kommer. Finansially, Mr. Kommer was supported by some rich danaturs.

Surabaya Zoo has been officially Opearated on Jl.Style Surabaya Since 1920. the axistance of Surabaya Zoo could be a parameter of Human care about animal and natural preservation.

At Present the management of Surabaya Zoo, actively applies development programs to preserve the Zoo as one of the icon ofSurabayaaxpected by the by the people ofSurabayaCityandEastJavaProvince. The Trend of Visite to Surabaya Zoo is Prospective, especially during long vacations. In June 2006, it was visited by 125, 000 People, mostly student, youngsters, and families.

The 16-ha Zoo is located right down town, on jalan Setail Surabaya, in Wonokromo Sub-District, and Hosts various collections, such as : Monkey, Zebras, Elephants, Camels, Orangutans, Birds, Snakes, Tiger, Bears, Lions, Komodo ( only found in Nusa Tenggara Isles ), noctumal animals and many more, with more than 350 species and almost 3000 animals. Some preserved animals are found in this Zoo, such as certain mammals, avian, reptiles, and pisces.

The management of the Zoo strives for objective to extend the understanding and appreciation of the communities against the function of a Zoo, enchange the wealth of the animals, create close relationship between among Zoos.

During Sundays and holidays, it is  densely visited by people from various town, cities, provinces and countries.