Candi (Temple) Abang, Red Brick Ruins, Sleman, Yogya, Indonesia

It is hard to imagine the original architecture of this temple, as the whole part of the temple is now overgrown with grasses and it looks as just another stone blocks. This temple has square size, 36 meters x 34 meters, but the height is still not predicted yet. The center part of the temple is a well and there was a stair made of limestone. Few andesit blocks found around temple area  but the function has not been found yet. Approximately, the temple was built in the 9th and 10th century. in Old Mataram period.

It said that there was a yoni found on the site, this discovery could be used as source that this temple was a hindu temple. The yoni found is 15 cm one each side, but other literature wrote that in 2001 the shape was octagon and it was a statue base, so it was not yoni. The base shape is unique, usually statue base is round or rectangle. The temple site has been destroyed by treasure seeker in 2002, as there was an issue that this site was a treasure or powerful weapon location.

Red brick is the main material of this temple, that was why this temple is called as Candi Abang or Red Temple. Only because the ruins of redbrick is covered by grass, it looks like it is a green temple. Very ironic.

This temple is located at Candiabang village, Kelurahan Jogotirto, Berbah, Sleman regency, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, nearby Candi Banyunibo and Candi Barong.