House of Danarhadi Museum: Old Batik Collections and Batik Course, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

House of Danarhadi Museum is located in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. It has ten tousands old batik collections, but only seven hundreds are displayed. Within seven to 9 months, the collections are changed regularly. This museum theme is ‘Batik: Time and Environment Influence’. There are batik from Holland, China, Java. Hokokai, Batik with India influence, Keraton (Palace) batik, Kraton influenced batik, sudagaran batik, peasant batik and batik Danarhadi. Beside seeing hundreds of batik collections, visitors also can see the making of batik cap (stamped batik), batik tulis (painted batik),  or batik printing behind the museum.

Visitors can join batik course to learn batik painting at Ndalem Wuryaningrat, the workshop room.

The House of Danar Hadi was officially opened by Minister of culture and tourism, Jero Wacik on August 22nd 2008. This building functions as one stop batik adventure, such as museum, and showroom batik where visitors can purchase batik. This museum is equipped with flow sign, guides, and information around batik history, characteristic, motives on every batik collections.

In this area located Dalem Wuryaningratan, the former house of KPH Wuryaningrat, the grandson of Pakubuwono IX, and the son in law of I SK S Pakubuwono X, that was constructed in 1890. Sasana Mangunsuka building is a room where Danarhadi batik collections that have been presented on fashion show displayed.

House of Danarhadi also completed with souvenir shop where visitors can purchase specific merchandise of Danarhadi, and plus a cafe that offers Solo food and beverages.

The Batik museum has a nice smell of jasmine and tuberose fragrance. It said that those flowers not only utilized for room fragrance, but also to keep the batik quality, as using non natural fragrance will deteriorate batik fabric and quality. To keep the quality of the collections, the management prohibited visitors to take photographs using blitz, as blitz fades batik color.