Candi (Temple) Morangan: Another Remain from the 9th Century, Sleman, Jogja, Indonesia

Candi Morangan is situated in Morangan Village, Sindhumartani, Ngemplak, Sleman regency, Jogja, Indonesia. This temple is located at the north most from all temples discovered in the region. Morangan is the closest temple to the phenomenon Merapi Mountain.

This temple was discovered in Dutch colonial period, but after Dutch left,the temple was covered by erosion. In 1982, an excavation was executed, and  discovered 2 temples, main and perwara (ancillary) temple. The main temple faces west while perwara temple is located in front of the main temple faces east.

A big size of yoni was found in this temple, while lingga, the pair of yoni could not be found here. The yoni is in intact condition though it lost few spouts. Statuary of priest and few statuary in the niches are also found, but most of the statuary are not identified yet. As most blocks of the temple were not discovered yet, the temple has not been reconstructed. Referring the decoration of this temple that resembles that of Prambanan temple, it is predicted that the temple was established around 9th century.

The main temple has square structure and it has hall way. One of the cause of the temple collapsed  was due to flood of Gendol River located 200 meters away from the temple site.