Candi (Temple) Asu, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Asu Sengi is an old Mataram remain, from Sanjaya dynesty or known as Mataram Hindu. It is situated at the western slope of Gunung Merapi, on the side of Pabelan river, notably in Sengi Village, Dukuh, Magelang Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, just 5 km from Ketep Pass.

The name if this temple derives from its location at Sengi village, and there is no data stated the original name of this temple. And Asu name derives from Nandi statue that was found in the discovery of this temple, as Nandi was considered as Asu or dog by local people. From few inscriptions found in the temple area, Kurambitan inscription, Sri Manggala I (874),  and Sri Manggala II Inscription (876), this temple was assumed to be constructed in 869 in Rakai Kayuwangi period.

Candi Asu faces west, the structure is square of 7.94 meters square. The foot temple is 2,5 meters, and temple height is 3,35. The roof is gone, inside the temple there is a 3  meters well. Other than those information, there is no sufficient data about this small temple.