Umbul Pengging/ Tirto Marto: Royal Bathing Place Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia

Umbul Pengging is located in Banyudono, 12 km from Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia. This bathing building was used by King of Kasunanan Surakarta Hadiningrat, Sri paduka Paku Buwono X and his family. 2 days before fatsing month, event Padusan, is held here, beside other ritual on certain days such as soaking up to neck started on 24.00 to 03.00.

There are 3 bathing sections here, Umbul Manten, Umbul Ngabean and Umbul Dudo. Local legend tells that this bathing place is the remain from Ki Ageng Pengging, in the transition period from Majapahit Empire to Demak Emirpe and then later built by Keraton Surakarta and used only by royal family.

There are few versions of Pengging legend, one of them is Pengging was built by Prabu Kusumawicitra in 1026. Other version is Pengging was built by Adipati Handayaningrat, a king of small kingdom that ruled over the south east of Mt Merapi, that died on combat against Demak. Handayaningrat has 2 sons, Ke Kebo Kanigoro and Ki Kebo Kenongo from his marriage with daughter of Majapahit king. Ki Kebo Kanigoro was a Buddhist and Ke Kebo Kenongo was moslem and later known as Ki Ageng Pengging, that he became the predecessor of his father. KI Ageng Pengging has a son that later reigned over Demak and became king of Pajang, and titled Hadiwijaya aka Jaka Tingkir. Pengging area was freed from tax as it was one of the most important base to spread Islam.

Pengging was evolving until early of 18th century when the capital of Mataram Kingdom moved to Kartasura. At that very time, Pengging was a Moslem boarding area led by Kyai Khalifah Syarif who has a student Zainal Abidin that later married to his daughter. Finally, Zainal Abidin served Keraton Kartasura, that later found out that he was Padmonagoro.

Padmonagoro created great poets such as Yasadipura I who is a very keen in Javanese literature. He was engraved in Ngaliyan, Bendan Banyudono (Pengging area), that now his tomb is a popular pilgrimage site and soaking tradition at Umbul Sungsang. Local people said that anyone does soaking ritual up to neck for 40 days, whatever his/her purpose will come true. Not only local people, the visitors also arrive from other parts of Java, such as Jakarta.

In the area Umbul Pengging, approximately 500 meters, located Umbul Sungsang, that is situated next to Ciptamulya mosque. Ciptamulya mosque was built by Pakubuwono X, finished in 1908.  After Raden Ng Yasadipura I and his descendant R Ng Yasadipuro II (R Ng Ronggowarsito I) died and they were engraved at cemetery behind the mosque, known as Astana Luhur that was visited by pakubuwono IX or X.

To honor Yasadipura legacy, Pakubuwono X built Ngreksi Purna in Pengging Boyolali constitutes of Ciptamulya Mosque, Yasadupira Cemetery, and Umbul Pengging.