Tawangmangu Waterfall, Karanganyar, Central Java, Indonesia

Tawangmangu is located on the foot of Mt Lawu,sure it has fresh air, and cold temperature at night. The panorama was amazing, with hills and farms with green color. Such an ideal place to refresh. Administratively it is located in Karanganyar regency, 36 km east of Solo. From Solo it is accesible, every 30 minutes there are public bus from Solo Bus Station. On the way to the waterfall, the scenery is splendid and and the road is winding.

Tawangmangu has been popular tourist attraction with natural environment, and even it is the home of monkeys. So beware of those naughty monkeys, do not leave your bag here, and hold your bag tight.

Grojogan Sewu waterfall is one of the interesting things to see in Tawangmangu. This 81 meters waterfall is on the elevation more than 1000 m asl. Grojogan means waterfall while sewu mean thousand. It is not that there ate 1000 waterfalls here, only one big fall. No explanation how this waterfall got its name.