Sangiran Museum, Sangiran Prehistoric Site, Central Java, Indonesia

Sangiran is a prehistoric site. Sangiran on the foot of Mt Lawu where Cemoro River flows to Bengawan Solo River.

In 1936, a paleontologist , Dr Von Koenigswald found fossils of here, in intact condition.The fossils is predicted to be 1,5 million years old. Beside prehistoric human, in 1934 discovered equipment from prehistoric time such as rock ax, and the like in large amount, more tha 1000 items. Those large findings were called as Sangiran Flakes Industry.

Later found lower jaw (mandibula) that was estimated as Meganthropus paleojavanicus, Pithecanthropus erectus or Javanese men. Indonesian researchers such as T Jacob and S Sartono were then interested to conduct research, and started excavations in 1960s.

Currently, approximately 65% of human prehistoric fossils in Indonesia discovered in Sangiran and the total is 50% of homo erectus population in the world. Sangiran draws scientists from all over the world.

According to research, Sangiran was a hill that was called as Kubah Sangiran (Sangiran Dome). The dome was passed by Kali Cemoro so this area eroded easily. The dome of 56 meters square was eroded that on the peak that creating depression.That depression revealed natural layers from 2 millions to 200 thousands years ago where experts found concise information over past life.

Every layer keep information from its soil, rock, fossils, and equipments. And not only fossils that lived on land but also sea creatures, as millions years ago this area was ocean. Because of geological activity, it rised and became land.

Since 1977, Government enacted Sangiran as cultural heritage area, and World Heritage UNESCO commitee assigned as world heritage 593. This site covers 56 meters square constitutes 3 districts in Sragen Regency, Kalijambe, Gemolong and Plupuh, and1 district in Karanganyar regency, Gondangrejo.

Sangiran has prehistoric museum that displays 2.931 fossils, among total collections 13.086 fossils it has. Other collections are kept in storage room.