Pasar Triwindu: Java Antique Market, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Pasar Triwindi is a traditional flea market that sell antique items, located in front of Mangkunegaran. Although it is a traditional market, th has more fresh and modern decoration though still retain its cultural design after restoration in 2010. Here, visitors can find coins, radio, keris, lamps, leather puppet, kid toys, wooden or bronze statue, and also reproduction of antiques. This market was names as Windujenar.

This market was established as 24th birthday gift for GRAy NUrul Khamaril, daughter of Mangkunegoro VII, but now it becomes one of the tourist attraction in Solo. In the beginning the transaction in this market used barter system, but since 1960, kiosks were built.

Solo is the home of batik and the barometer of Javanese culture. Pasar Triwindu is one of heritage though with new face. Area in the vicinity of the market has become art center of Solo where local or National event held.

To reach to the market is easy, as it is located in the middle of the city. The sellers of this market is getting more in number, and it stands out as the center of antique trade in Java, and as wholesale of antique reproduction.s