Gunung Kelud: New Born Lava Dome Phenomenon, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

Mt Kelud is one of the most dangerous volcano in Indonesia, located in Kediri, East Java, Indonesia. Since 15 century, GUnung Kelud has taken 15.000 lives. The eruption frequency is 15 to 30 years. In 1586, this volcano took 10.000 lives. While on the 2oth century, Gunung Kelud had erupted for 5 times in 1901, 1919, 1952, 1966 and 1990  and the total casualty was 5.400 lives. This mountain has new lava dome, appeared from its crater lake. The lake is completely replaced by this new dome, in 2007, the latest eruption. Mt Kelud is type of strato andesitic type volcano.

The end on September 2007, the activity of this volcano raised, and kept raising until November 2001, as signed by the increase of the heat of the crater lake, tremor quake,  and the alteration of the crater lake color from green to cloudy white. The The Central Volcanology and Geology Disaster Mitigation, then determine the status of the volcano as ‘alert’ for inhabitants within 10 km radius  more or less 135 thousand people in October 16 2007. But fortunately, the explosion never happened. After subsiding, it activity rised up again on October 30th 2007, and in NOvember 3rd 2001, round 16.00 the crater lake was 75 degrees Celsius  higher from normal temperatur 40 degrees Celsius, this caused the temperature tool broken. The big amplitude of tremor quake, higher than 35 mm, required the controller officer evacuated. But there was no eruption. As the high activity, the volcano smoldered white smoke stem from the middle of the crater lake and the followed by lava done since November 5th 2007 and kept on growing larger up to 100 meters width. Experts cited that this dome had blocked the magma flow that the explosion did not happen at all. This type of eruption is known as effusive eruption, not an explosion. The energy of the eruption was used to push the lava dome of the previous eruption in 1990. Since the lava phenomenon, the activity was down, and later on November 2007, the status was lowered.

In 2010, the activity was still high but stable, the height of the new baby volcano was 250 meters, and width 465 meters and temperature was 53.8 degrees Celsius. And the lava dome is predicted to be still growing.

Though the green crater lake was gone, the new kid on the Mt Kelud is such an interesting phenomenon to see. This dome is surrounded by higher slope and peaks of mt Kelud. Well, no wonder lava took to appear on the former crater lake, as it was easier to break.