Candi Banyunibo, Central Java, Indonesia

Candi Banyunibo is situated in the proximity of Ratu Boko Complex, at Cepit village, Bokoharjo, Prambanan, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. This temple is 2 km away from Ratu Boko, in the farming area.

The temple was built in the 9th century, that constitutes of main temple facing west and 6 perwara temple in stupa shape on the south and east of the main temple. Each of the foundation is 4.80 x 4.80 meters. On the north of main temple, there is approximately 65 meters stone block wall. Main temple is estimated to have stupa roof to as the perwara temples, and therefore Candinibo temple is a Buddhist temple,

Main temple size is 15.325 x 14.25 meters and height is 14.25 meters. The temple body is smaller than its foot, that hallway surrounds the temple. On the west side, located the the entrance. On the wall, a relief of a lady is carved, and she was surrounded by children, and on the left wall depicts a man in sitting position. Both reliefs delineated Hariti, the goddess of fertility in Buddha and her husband Vaisaravana.

On the outer wall, stands Bodhisatva statuary, and on the north, east, south side there are protruding niches that are framed by kalamakara decoration.