Tebing Sumbing :Cliff of Gunung Kelud, Kediri, East Java, Indonesia

10Mt Kelud, Kediri, East Java, one of the most dangerous volcano in Indonesia has a cliff that chalenge rock climbing to conquer it. Cliff of Gunung Kelud or also known as Tebing Sumbing Gunung Kelud is dark andesit stone that shapes like cone with 90 degrees tilt, located on the left of Gunung Kelud tunnel.

10The cillf is 200 meters hight, with pointed peak, and there are other lower peaks with round shape. The andesit rock are not all attached each other firmly, that sometimes when they are drilled or ascend, the rocks fall down, that is whay the rock climers here should wear helmet.

IT can take 2 to 3 days to make route to get to the peak of the cliff, depends on the climbers stamina, tools, and weather.