Pura (Palace) Mangkunegaran, Solo, Central Java, Indonesia

Pura Mangkunegara is a palace where Sri paduka Mangkunegara dwelled, built in 1757. This building is palace in small size and has same architecture as keraton such as pamedan, pendopo, pringgitan, dalem, and kaputran that surrounded by strong wall.

This building was erected after Salatiga treaty that commenced the establishment of Praja mangkunegaran, and 2 years after Giyanti treaty that split Java government into Kasultanan Yogyakarta and Kasunanan Surakarta. Surakarta kingdom then split after Pangeran Raden Mas Said revolted and erected his own kingdom. He used title of Mangkunegoro I and built his area from west of Pepe River in the center of the town, currently Solo.

As the main building of Surakarta and Jogja palace, Puro Mangkunegaran has been renovated as seen on the European decoration. After the main entrance is pamedan, field for warrior to exercise. Horse troop and cavalry was located on the east of pamedan. The second gate connect Pendopo Agung, a 3500 meters square pavilion. This pavilion can accommodate 5 to 10 thousands people, and known as the biggest pendopo/ pavilion in Indonesia. The wooden pillars are square, supporting joglo roof, taken from trees in Mangkunegaran forest at Wonogiri hill. The building is constructed without nails. There are 4 gamelan orchestra, one set is played regularly, and another 3 are played on certain ceremonies.

Green and yellow dominate the pavilion. The color of young paddy is the typical color of Mangkunegaran family. The ceiling is decorated with light colors that symbolize Javanese Hindu astrology plus there are line of antique lamps hung there. Formerly, people sat cross-legged here, until 19th century when Mangkunegara VI reigned.

Behind the pavilion, located Pringgitan completed with stairs to Dalem Agung, a 1.000 meters square room, that traditionally used as royal newly-wed couple bedroom, that currently utilized as museum. The museum displays petanen , offering for Dewi Sri (goddess of paddy), made of silk. Other collections can be seen here are jewellery, weapons, costumes, medals, coins, shadow puppet equipments, kings of Mangkunegaran pictures and other works of arts.

Behind Dalem Ageng, is the residence of Mangkunegaran family, currently used by royal descents. The garden was overgrown with trees, flowers, cage and birds, European classics statues and fountain. And the building that faces to the open space is Beranda Dalem, an octagonal building with chandelier and European furniture. Glasses in golden frames hung in line on the wall. From veranda can be seen dining room with glass windows with landscape of Java landscape, changing room, and make up room for princesses plus a beautiful bathroom.

Here also is located library built in 1867 by Mangkunegara IV, on the second floor. This library is visited by historian and students where they can find manuscripts in leather cover, Javanese book, historical pictures, and data about Mangunegaran belongings.