Pangeran Diponegoro Museum, Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia

Pangeran Diponegoro Museum is located at former complex of house of Kedu Resident at Jalan pangeran Diponegoro, No 1, Magelang. In one of the room here, a historical meeting between Pangeran Diponegoro and General De Koock that represented Holland was held, and witnessed by Resident Kedu, Major De Strude, Lieutenant Colonel Roest and Captain Roes as translator. The meeting was held in 28 March 1830. But De Koock was fraudulent that Pangeran Diponegoro jailed while according to agreement he suppose to leave save and sound.

After Pengeran Diponegoro arrested, the heroic resistance against Dutch ended after 5 years, since 1825. Pangeran Diponegoro with his family were transported to Batavia on April 8th 1830, and then sent to Manado on May 3rd 1830 to be arrested at Amsterdam fortress.

On June 12th 1830, he was moved to Makasar and arrested at Rotterdam fortress.  He was exiled for 25 years, he died on January 8th 1855, and his body buried outside the fortress, at Kampung Melayu, north of Makasar.

To commemorate this great man struggle, the room where he was set out by Dutch was created to be Pangeran Diponegoro Dedication Room that displays chairs and table when the meeeting held, robe he wore on the meeting, Takhrib book, bed used by him to pray when he was in Brangkal (Gombong), drinking equipment and few paintings.