Kepanjen Church,Surabaya Oldest Catholic Church with Neo Gothic Style , East Java, Indonesia

10This church is located in Jalan Kepanjen 6, Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, and it was built to replace the former building located in Jalan Cendrawasih and Jalan Merak approximately, that was damaged and now completely gone.

After the death of Pastor Waanders, Pastor Moonen Pr, one of three priests was invited by Mgr Vrancken to Surabaya after retreat in Jakarta. He concerned about orphans that he found SSV in 1856 or known as Dana Bantuan Santo Vincentius. He also concerned about renovating church from congregation, and government donation. He purchased organ and altar imported from ‘s Bosch, only now the decoration and relief have damaged. The Surabaya mission than continued by Pastor Van Elzen Sj and Pastor Pallinck that arrived in Jakarta on 9 July 1859. They opened first catholic school. And there was a donator gave 20.000 f (25 thousand gulden) to buy Kepanjen sisters land. On May 1862, four brothers Aloysius and 2 Ursulin Sisters  on 14 October 1863 landed in Surabaya . They were active in Social and education. Suster Ursulin bought a house at Jalan Kepanjen (SMP Santa Maria).

Governor General requested Almusenir (military priest) for spiritual service for mariner complex at Tanjung Perak. Pastor Pallinck was replaced by pastor Van Der Hagen SJ, and he bought presbytery land on Jalan Kepanjen for 21.000 f. He died in 1868 and replaced by Pastor Terwindt SJ in 1886.

Parish evolved and because of quake in 1867, the church was cracked, that created idea for new church.

10In 1889 parish SSV purchased a piece of land from Government for 8.815 f, and collected donation by lottery, credit loan, and donation from government. The land was dug 4 meters to built foundation, but the soil on that depth was not good, so they dug 16 meters down to get better soil. The first pillar was laid on 18 April 1899. It took 790 pillar made of galam wood from Kalimantan. The construction was officially opened by Pastor Van Santen SJ in 19 August 1899. All of the wall material, pillars were imported from Europe, total of the expenses was 165.000 F.

The church length is 47.60 m x 30.70 m transept 12.70 m, and floor to top of tower is 17.40 meters. The former tower was 40 meters, before fire burnt it. The church was blessed in 1900 on 08.00 by Mgr Prinsen on August 5th 1900. Pastor Van Santen than moved to Bandung after the church completed.

In 1900-1923, according to Pastor Boonekamp CM in ‘Sejarah Gereja Katolik Wilayah Keuskupan Surabaya’ catholic in Surabaya was 3465. In 1900, for the first time, 10 indigenous Indonesian convert catholic.

Kepanjen Church was designed in Neo Gothic style, with tower, and the building resembles cross, long main room called Isle, and two wings room called nave. Neo Gothic building usually is not covered by wall, but showing the red brick texture. The church has renovated the tower and wooden pillars inside, altar decoration and benches because of fire round 1950. The glasses have been changed to more modern style with pictures from Bible that symbolize Matthews, Marcus, Lucas, Johannes. The outer wall maintain its original style.