Gunung Muria, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

For pro climber, climbing this mountain is not too difficult. Mt Muria is just 1602 meters, such a not-high one. Gunung Muria has few peaks, they are Abiyoso, Argowiloso, Argojembangan, Songolikur Peak.

On Rahtawu Mountain, was discovered an inscription in 1990, from that inscription, experts concluded that this region was a housings in the 5th or 6th century. In 1978 also discovered household items made of clay around oro-oro Ombo gabug Bukit Begawan. As the vast of the savannah, it is presumably that the area was the site of Rahtawun Palace, but the research is not continued. Songolikur Peak is the peak of Mt Rahtawu where 4 statuary located, they are Betara Guru, Narada, Togog and Wisnu that covers 10 x 12 meters. To reach here, can be accessed from Semliro Hamlet through small path to around 700 meters from Songolikur peak.

The peak is a very popular pilgrimage site for Javanese, so climbing this mountain, there will be many companions along the track.