Tambi Tea Plantation, Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

Tambi Tea Plantation is situated in Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia, right on the foot of Mt Sindoro. The plantation offers a relaxing atmosphere, span of tea like waves, mild weather. This plantation is accessible from Wonosobo, right on the mainroad of Wonosobo-Dieng Plateau 16 KM from Wonosobo.

Tambi Tea Plantation covers  829,14 ha, consists of 3 units : Tambi Unit, Bedakah Unit and Tanjungsari Unit. It lies on the elevation of 800 – 2000 meters asl with rainfall average 2500 – 3500 mm per year.The tea type is black tea.

Tambi Tea Plantation was established in 1865 by East Indies Government that was leased by private company of The Nedherlands such as D Vader Ships (Unit Tanjung Sari ), WD Jong (Unit Tambi & Bedakah). In 1880, the plantation was purchased by Mr MP van Der Berg, AW Hole and Ed Jacobson, that they erected Bagelen Thee en Kina Maatschappij in Wonosobo and the handling and processing was submitted to John Feet & Co that was based in Jakarta.

In 1942, Bedakah, Tanjungsari and Tambi Unit were controled by Japan during Japan occupation, when the tea plants were not well-nurtured, and partly replaced with crops, Root/Tuber crops, and  jathropa. After Independence Day, automatically, all plantations were taken over by RI, under Pusat Perkebunan Negara based in Surakarta and Tambi, Bedakah, Tanjungsari Plantation unit center was in Magelang.

According to Konferensi Meja Bundar, in Holland on November 1949, foreign companies in Indonesia should be handed over to the original owner in Indonesia, that Bedakah, Tambi and Tanjungsari should be submitted to Bagelen Thee En Kina Maatschappij by Indonesia. In 21 May 1951, ex workers of Pusat Perkebunan Negara and the new developers created office caled Perkebunan Gunung. Few years later, Perkebunan Gunung developed the 3 plantations,  Bagelen Thee En Kina Maatschappij was not intended to continue the company as the bad situation of the physical revolution between Indonesia-Holland. Mr Imam Soepomo then suggested the company to gave the plantations to Indonesia and the company accepted. In 17 Mei 1954, established NV PPN Sindoro Sumbing, and the transaction was done in 26 November 1954. In 1957 Wonosobo Govt and PT NV Eks PPN Sindoro Sumbing  agree to co-op together develop the plantation with 50 – 50 capital.

The plantation has been developed for agrotourism, that offers : Plantation Tour where visitors can see how tea planted and nurtured, Factory Tour : from preliminary stage to ready to sell tea, and Tea Service Tour where visitors can enjoy black tea with Wonosobo snacks. This Plantation has been equipped with comfortable lodge, outbound facilities, and meeting room.