Mi Ongklok: Delicious Noodle Menu from Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia

BorobudurMi Ongklok has been popular as special menu from Wonosobo, Central Java, Indonesia. According to people, this menu can not be found nowhere else in Indonesia, unlike bakso or mi ayam.

Mi Ongklok is made of noodle (mi), cabbage, and kucai (Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng, A. ramosus, Allium schoenoprasum). Then those ingredients poured by spiced jelly sauce. To eat it we need to stir the sauce with ingredient. Usually this menu is completed with condiments such as soya bean sauce, pepper, chilly, fried shallot and tahu  bacem (sweet tofu) slices. And to complete the hot mi ongklok is beef satay , tempe (fermented bean) kemul and geblek or fried starch.

Ongklok derives from javanese means shaking. The making process is by putting noodle and vegetables to bamboo ladle to hote water and then shaked. The bamboo ladle shape is is like strainer, that the bamboo is weaved, and the handle is long to drawn the ingredient comfortably to the hot water. Mi ongklok is such a delicious delicacy for cold fresh weather like in Wonosobo that is located on the foot of Mt Sindoro and Mt Sumbing.

Mi Ongklok can be found easily in Wonosobo, especially recent years. But there are few Mi Ongklok counters that are popular for generations. Mi ONgklok Pak Muhadi is located in Jalan A Yani. And Mi Ongklok Longkrang is located on Jalan Pasukan Ronggolawe Wonosobo.