Kaliadem Lava Tourism, Jogja, Indonesia

Located in Cankringan, Sleman, Jogja, Indonesia, Kaliadem is a high  land located on the south slope of Mt Merapi. From here visitors can watch the summit of Gunung Merapi from 2 km distance. The 2.965 meters high mountain is decorated by smoke that always smolders from the crater, showing that the crater is always busy working.

Beside seeing Merapi summit, visitors can see the geologic evidences of Merapi eruption constitute of  span of rocks and sand of volcanic material, and bunker. The region is barren only bushes grow contrast with other part of the slope. Bunker is made of concret with 25 cm thickness and door made of iron.

At night, red lava ejected by Merapi can be seen from here, lava falls down descending the lava dome. To come here at night, warm clothing is a must as the temperature in the region is cold.