Pulau (Island) Sempu : A Pristine Hideaway in Malang, East Java

Pulau Sempu is a tiny island located in Sumbermanjing Wetan, Malang, East Jana. This island is a natural reserve, separated from main island with narrow strait in Sendang Biru, no inhabitants. The islands is only 877 hectares, pristine and has drawn local and foreign travelers. To reach this Island, visitors should drive to Sendang Biru, only 2-3 hours from Malang City, then proceed to cross strait to Sempu Island which is only 15 minutes by fishermen boat.

The island is mostly overgrown with mangroves, and there is a beautiful lagoon in the island called Segara Anakan. This lagoon was created by ocean water channeled by a small hole of cliff connecting the lagoon to Hindian Ocean. After crossing the strait from Sendangbiru, trekk through forest for 1 to 2 hours to get to Segara Anakan. Segara Anakan fringes by a white sandy beach and clear blue water. Snorkeling is available, and save as the area separated to Hindian Ocean.

There are 4 ecosystem type in this island : Mangrove forest ecosystem that consists of Rhizobhara sp and Avicenia sp as the home of  mud skipper, crab and shrimp.  Coast Forest Ecosystem is overgrown with Tropical almond, Sea Poison Tree or Fish Poison Tree, Rose of Sharon, and pandan, situated at the north, south and west part of the island especially on the plain area. Lake Ecosystem, at Danau Telaga Lele that covers 2 hectares and contains fresh water and at Danau Segara Anakan, the approximately 4 Ha that contains salt water. Danau Telada Lele is the water source for wildlife, especially in dry season. And the last ecosystem is Lowland Tropical Forest Ecosystem that covers almost the entire island with flora like  Bendo (Artocarpus elasticus), Triwulan (Mishocarpatus sundaica), Wedang (Pterocarpus javanicus) and Buchanania arborescens.
Sempu is the home of more than 51 species , 36 from aves, 12 mammals, and 3 species of reptiles. The most seen animals are pig, black monkeys, grouse and wreathed hornbill.

There is Goa Air Tawar (Fresh Water Cave) located 25 meters from the sea level. This cave is 20 meters length and in inner cafe is dry chamber with size ranges from 3-5 meters. People from the fishing village in Sendangbiru believe that the cave has supernatural entity.

Panorama of water from Hindian Ocean that leaks to the lagoon is very impressive and  Climbing the cliff, Hindian Ocean is blue until the horizon sometimes dolphins playing there. Sunset is very beautiful from up the cliff. There are smaller blocks far away creating small islands nearby fringe of Sempu Island which were very photogenic. There is a highest cliff you can climb to see Hindian Ocean and Sempu at same spot, climbing is safe as the rock is very stable and strong. If you have seen the movie “The Beach” starred Leo D’caprio, Segara Anakan is a way as beautiful as that beach.

Visitors should report to local officers and only Segara Anakan which is available to be visited. Other areas such as Telaga Lele is prohibited for visitors as this is the Core Zone of conservation. Camping at Segara Anakan beach is available, prepare with tent, and other equipment, prepare also mosquito repellent, trekking shoes or mountain sandals, sun block, swimming suit, logistics and remember do not leave trash. Best to visit is during dry season (June-December) when the track is dry, on rainy season the track will be too muddy to be passed.

Sempu Island Exclusive Photos

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