Coban Pelangi Waterfall, Malang, East Java

Coban Pelangi region is part of conservation zone. This fall is located 10 km from Tumpang District and 32 KM from Malang city. Situated in steep slope of mountains region of 45 degree. Visiting Coban Pelangi means a good stamina needed. Sneakers and casual outfit to trek are needed as 20 minutes walk through hilly track should be passed to reach the fall, and plus 15 minutes walk on river track.

The trip will thrill visitors with splendid mountain view, lush green forest and clear water river, also song of birds.
There is a bamboo bridge that is called as love bridge.

The waterfall flows from a cliff with 30 m height. When the weather is good, and if it is fortunate, visitors can witness a rainbow over the top of the canyon. This is how the waterfall got its name, pelangi is Javanese for rainbow, and coban means waterfall. The Rainbow phenomenon usually appears on 10 am to 2 pm.
This curved light spectrum is created by drops of mist and sunshine. When the sunlight enters the drops, it breaks real colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and purple. Those colors are arranged according to wavelengths, red as the first collor and purple as the last one in the curve.Inside the droplet, the particles of colored light bounce from side to side, reflect off of the far side of the droplet, leave the droplet, and gather again, according to their wavelengths, to form a rainbow.

To feel the fresh clear water of the fall, bathing is an option. The water that falls from the canyon rocks creates splash of water like drizzles.