Mt Argopuro, Rengganis Peak, Probolinggo, East Java

Gunung Argopuro is located among other mountains of Hyang Mountaing complex. There are peaks with old geology structure, and few are newer structure. There are couple peaks in the complex, namely : Gn Semeru (2847 m), Mt Jambangan (2773 m), Mt Cemoro Kandang, Mt Kerincing, MT Kukusan, Mt Malang, Mt Saing, Mt Sela and Mt Argopuro. Mt Argopuro is 3088 m asl, non-active volcano located in Probolinggo, East Java.

The climbing route starts in Bremi Village, which most of the inhabitants are Madurese and then proceed to Ayer Dingin Plantation. After passing coffee and albazia plantation, the route is getting steeper to resin forest. Entering lush forest here, climbers should be careful, as there are pigs that often show them selves in the track. Reaching a hill top, there are two tracks, choose the straight one or chose the right direction  to visit Taman Hidup Lake.

Taman Hidup Lake is a region of vast camping ground, where sometimes wild animals like pig, deer show up. The lake has abundant of fish, also source for water supply. Swimming is possible but the water is freezing and can be too dangerous. Collect water when the weather is clear to avoid stuck on mud on the lake edge if mist around.

Leaving Taman Hidup Lake, then continue the ascending through less steep track through forest, after 30 minutes then arrive at dry river then afterwards passing  steeper track entering humid forest. This forest has lush and the distance among the trees are close that sun light could not pour down. Trees are covered by moss. Grasses grow tall that covering the track.

30 minutes later then there is a big rocks cluster, and crossing 3 dry rivers. Hereis the home of lutung (black monkey) . Trekking through tall grass, there is a river with clear water that is called Kali Putih. Kali Putih is suitable for camping. From Kali Putih, there is pine forests, and then savannah of curly grass to reach Sicentor.

Sicentor is the meeting point of climbing route from Baderan and Bremi. This place is suitable for camping before ascending to the top. There is a building made of wood for shelter.

i hour trek from Sicentor, crossing  dry rivers the passing savannah and edelweiss ground. 1 hour from Sicentor is Rawa Embik, where there is a river that never dries even in driest season. Rawa Embik is an open space, that the wind can blow hashly. 2 hours from Rawa Embik hike on a steep dusty track, climbers should be careful for soft soil.

After crossing rocky river and edelweiss ground, Mt Argopuro’s summit or Puncak Rengganis is seen consists of sulfur and limestone. The summit was a non-active crater, the smell of sulfur is very strong here. The peak shape is like terrances  of stones, the lower terrace is a big stony field, and the second is round 10 m times 10 m, and the top terrace has smaller size. On to absolute top, there is pile of stones that is believed to be petilasan of Dewi Rengganis. Other top of Mt Argopuro is rarely visited as it is covered by lush forest.

 Rengganis is the daughter of King Brawijaya from his concubine, because her existence was ignored, then she moved to Mt Argopuro with her 6 followers. There are old remains that are believed to be the heritage from Rengganis. Because the site is damaged badly, rengganis and her remains still in mystery. 

To ascend from top, via Bremi is 11 hours and via Baderan is 13 hours.