Kaliklatak Plantation, Banyuwangi, East Java

Kaliklatak is a Plantation located on the east most of Java, administratively located in Banyuwangi. Only 15 KM from Ketapang Port. It has a fertile, beautiful and mesmerizing. To get to the plantation, visitor will pass villages on mountain.

This plantation is 1013 hectares on elevation of 450 meters to 850 m asl, on the highest part of the plantation, scenery of Banyuwangi City, Bali Strait, Blambangan Peninsula, and Bali Island are visible beautifully. The temperature on the region in mild, peaceful, nice scenery with Mt Merapi and Mt Ranti.

Formerly, the owner of this plantation is Mij Moorman & Co under Dutch administration. In 1957, after an agreement, this plantation was transferred to  R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo, an indigenous Indonesian businessman that started his business from zero.

In the beginning, coffee, rubber and cacao are planted here. By the new owner, then other plants were planted such as pepper, cloves, vanilla, cinnamon,  eucalyptus, coconut, banana, orange and litchi.

In 1886, this plantation evolved, under 10 officials, 70 monthly basis employees, and 600 permanent employees. The plantation is devided into 8 afdeling (section), 3 coffee afdeling, 1 rubber afdeling and 1 cacao afdeling, 1 horticulture Afdeling, 1 clove afdeling, and i factory afdeling.

Kaliklatak plantation is completed with employees housings, kindergarten, school, art & sport building, mosque and church, and market.

Every 17 of April, the plantation holds thanksgiving ceremonial to thanks God and celebration for employees.