President Soekarno Tomb, Blitar, East Java

Indonesia first president, Soekarno, aka Bung Karno is located in Bendogerit, Sanawetan, Blitar, East Java. The cemetery complex is a 1.8 hectared since round quarter centuries ago, after the president’s funeral and restoration was done. This restoration emphasized The President’s Grave as the icon of Blitar.

The cemetery gate is connected library on the south to the cemetery complex to the Great Gate that faces south.Visitors can come closer to the grave, to pray or just to see the tomb of this great man. The main building in the complex is the tomb that is covered by roof in Jogja style.

The president’s tomb is in the middle of his father, R Sukemi Sosrodiharjo and mother Ida Ayu Nyoman Rai. Everyday more than 1000 visitors flock to pilgrim his tomb. Anually, every July 21st, when The President passed away, a commemoration event is held  in purpose to follow his spirit of struggle. The peak of this event takes place in Ndalem Gebang (Gebang House), the house of Bung Karno’s parent, located in Jl. Sultan Agung 69 Blitar. After that then proceed to scater flower to the president’s tomb.

President Soekarno Tomb Exclusive Photos

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